Lumosity Review And Members Area Video Walkthrough

If you are looking for the best when it comes to brain training, then you have come to the right place. I have researched and tested many different brain training courses and websites, and what I have found is that Lumosity is the most thorough and efficient when it comes to improving your cognitive functioning. I’m going to explain exactly why I think this, both in writing and a walk-through video guide of the Lumosity membership area.

There are several different reasons why Lumosity is the top brain training system available. In this Lumosity review I am going to cover those reasons in detail. If you would prefer to get this in-depth review by video, then simply watch the video that I have created below, and watch my video walk-through which shows you every single aspect of the Lumosity brain training system.

The main aspects that I am going to discuss in regards to the Lumosity brain training website, are the following three attributes; the fact their games are based on scientific research, the fact their games are fun, and the magnificent ability within Lumosity to track your progress and improvements in mental performance. Apart from these three main aspects, there are also many other things that I could discuss in this review, but I’m sure you want to get to the information that I have, as quickly and easily as possible.

  • Lumosity games are based on scientific research

That is correct, the whole Lumosity concept is based around the fact that the owner of Lumosity, has partnered with a group of neuroscientists, and works closely with them to provide the most effective, and also the most up to date technology when it comes to mind development and brain training. This is an absolutely crucial part of the system, as there is no point playing mind games or brain training games if they have no inherent value in terms of increasing your cognitive ability. Apart from the fact that you have constant brain training within Lumosity, you can also get what is known as the “brain grade”, which allows you to go through a questionnaire and test that shows you exactly which areas you can improve upon in order to increase your cognitive ability and mental focus. There are also many more assesments you can take within Lumosity.┬áIf you enjoy increasing your cognitive ability and want to pursue a career in which you help others do the same, consider earning a masters for teachers online.

  • Fun games with Lumosity

Of course, if the games within Lumosity were not fun, then all their strategic advice on cognitive improvement, mental competence, tracking over time, and also their scientifically based brain training regime would be wasted. The brain training games that you are going to be doing every day (or as often as you can), obviously need to be fun so that you are motivated to keep up with your training and therefore recognise the full benefits which Lumosity can give you.

  • The ability to track your progress and improvements in mental performance

This has to be one of the most important features of Lumosity, and for that reason I have made sure that I go into great detail about it within my video, which is worth watching if you haven’t already. The tracking features within the Lumosity dashboard are absolutely priceless. You have the ability to track every single aspect of your cognitive training.

Whether you want to find out how much your memory has improved over the last 50 sessions, or want to see how your mental speed has climbed over the last several months, all this information is readily available at your fingertips inside Lumosity. Again, when it comes to motivation, this is also a massive part of that. By being able to track your results consistently, and inevitably seeing your growth and mental skills increase, you are driven to continue with your practice as often as possible. Apart from starting to see the effects of your improved mental cognition in day to day life, you have verification every time you check through your statistics. Absolutely incredible!

I really do love this feature of Lumosity.

  • My Conclusion

So as you can see, this is not just some dodgy website with a couple of apparent brain training games, which you can find anywhere else. This is a comprehensive (and also fun) brain training system, which allows you to work on what you need to, and track your cognitive improvements over time, verifying that the work you are putting in is making a difference.

You can get started today with a free trial of, simply click here.