Lumosity Brain Training Review

Because I have been a member of lumosity for quite a long time now, over two years in fact, I thought I would give this detailed lumosity brain training review. I have looked at several different ways to improve my cognitive abilities and brain functioning, many of them being online, and the best thing that I have found in all my searching is definitely lumosity’s website. The range of features within lumosity, make it an absolutely outstanding way to improve your brain functioning, which has great benefits in all different areas of your life. Some of the key reasons why I believe lumosity is a superior brain training system in comparison to the other brain training that is available, are as follows.

Lumosity’s games are fun

Within lumosity’s membership, you will find that there are not only lots of different games, covering all the different categories of brain functioning and cognitive improvement, but the games are also fun. Having enjoyable games is really an important part of this whole process. If you did not enjoy the games that you are playing in order to improve your brain functioning ability, then it’s unlikely that you are going to find the motivation every day or whenever you can in order to practice your brain training, and see noticeable improvements. Not only are the lumosity games fun, but they are also plentiful. You will find many different games within each category of brain training, which means you will never get sick of playing the same game too often, as they are rotated automatically each day that you play lumosity for your brain training session.

Lumosity’s tracking is superb!

This is probably the most exciting feature of lumosity, and something that I really have to mention in this lumosity brain training review. The fact is, if you are going to be spending your time and energy on brain training regularly, then you want to know how it is performing and what benefits it’s giving you. This is made easy by using the lumosity brain training system. Every single game that you play within lumosity, has it’s result and score tracked and recorded for later viewing. You can view your progress in every area of cognitive function, including memory, speed and problem-solving, amongst others. This is all shown in an easy to understand and simple to use interface, as a graphical representation. You can see how you have been doing for the last 50 sessions, or you can check how your weekly average has been improving. This is awesome, as it really does motivate you when you see your progress has increased a lot over the amount of time you have been doing it. For example I have been using the main introductory brain training course for the last three months everyday, and when I log in and check my user profile history, I can see that my results have been steadily improving every single week for the last 12 weeks. Really exciting stuff, and it really motivates me to keep doing it everyday.

Lumosity’s brain training is based on real neuroscientific research

That’s right, lumosity is not just some random assortment of games that have little or no value to actually improving your cognitive functions. Every single game within lumosity is developed based on specific and thorough scientific research into which things and what stimulus helps the brain to develop in certain areas and functioning. This is very important, and without this factor I would probably doubt the validity of playing the games within lumosity. But the research has obviously been done, because I am noticing improvements in my day-to-day functioning over the last three months of steadily using lumosity, which is backed up by the historical data within my account.

So overall, as my final conclusions within this lumosity brain training review, I have to say that Lumosity is excellent in every single area, and I highly recommend it. It is still currently possible to sign up for a free account, and you can do that here. I don’t recommend waiting around if you are interested in using Lumosity, because it has been projected that lumosity may start charging, and not offering a free membership.

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