Lumosity Brain Training

When it comes to brain training and increasing your cognitive abilities, lumosity brain training is one of the most powerful systems that you will ever come across. There are many different brain training systems online, and so it can be confusing when you are trying to make a choice of which brain training system to use for improving your mental abilities. There are several reasons why I highly recommend lumosity over any other brain training system that is available.

Part of the reason that lumosity is so powerful, and I believe is so much better than the other systems that are available, is the fact that it is developed and organised by a group of neuroscientists, who are actually using their knowledge of brain science and integrating it into the very mechanics of how the lumosity training works. This is extremely important to the overall effects and benefits which you will see from using any brain training games or systems. Many brain games might be fun, but are they actually improving your cognitive abilities like they say they are? With lumosity, this uncertainty is no longer a problem, as you know that everything is being produced with the end results of the user in mind.

Secondly, the games that are part of the lumosity brain training system are just plain fun. It is important to have games that are interesting and enjoyable for the user. And lumosity has made sure of this in their system. There are a large variety of different games to play within the lumosity membership. Each game relates to a certain cognitive ability which you are trying to improve. For example, lumosity have created their own special twist on the popular memory game that involves cards and different objects facing down on those cards. Obviously there are many games within the lumosity membership that are unique to lumosity, and you will not find them anywhere else.

Probably the most interesting and effective feature of lumosity, is its ability to track the user’s progress. There is detailed analytical tracking of every single cognitive ability that you are trying to improve within lumosity. You can check your progress over the last 50 games, or you can see an average from each week, and see how your week’s average has increased over time. There are also a variety of different ways in which lumosity allows you to track your progress. If you want to find out even more about lumosity before you think about joining up for a free trial, then I highly suggest you watch this video walk-through that I have created.

6 thoughts on “Lumosity Brain Training

  1. Rodolfo A. Palazzolo

    I would like to ask if You could offer a Pro Bono subscription of Lumosity for our community library so that our elderly can be exposed to it and use it on a daily basis. This may eventually increase your subscription substantially for many of them will wish to have it in their own home. Thank you for your consideration

    R.A.Palazzolo, Ed.D.

    Senior Advisoty Commission
    Germantown, TN
    (901) 628-2855

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Rodolfo,

      You can signup for the trial by clicking through to any of the banners or links on this site. I am not really in position to offer anything more than the normal free trial. But each member of your community library could definitely sign up and get their own free trial version of the program. Unfortunately I don’t have the power to give out free subscriptions to Lumosity, otherwise I would most certainly oblige in your case.



  2. linda porter

    i cannot contact you in any way regarding an ongoing problem with access to the training that I purchased. i need to resolve this issue soon!

  3. mary south

    lumosity is telling me today that I need adobe flash player in order to play. I played humosity for 5 days and that just popped up today.. I have windows 8 and it says I have adobe flash player. so what can I do to get back to my training?

    1. Nick Post author


      You probably just need to reinstall adobe flash. Try google for “fix broken adobe flash” etc. By the way, it has nothing to do with your windows, it’s to do with your browser, like internet explorer, etc.

      Good luck1


    About a year ago I paid for 2 years. If you look at activity on my account you will see very little usage. I spent most of I last year in the hospital after being diagnosed with Dermatomyositis. An autoimmune disease that attacks skin and muscle. I finally got laptop instead of Tablet. I am still very excited about starting up again. My question is would you please put some time on my account.
    thanking you in advance


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