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So what does the Lumosity membership include in terms of games?

Well there are a ton of different games inside the Lumosity membership. Each game is in response to a certain type of cognitive ability which it is trying to improve for the user through consistent practice over time.

The main areas or categories in which all the games of Lumosity are found, are the following:

  • Speed
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Flexibility
  • Problem Solving

For each of these categories, you will find several different games to exercise that specific cognitive ability. If you have not watched the video, then I highly recommend you check it out. The video shows you what the membership area looks like in terms of Lumosity’s games. I will now provide some examples of the games within Lumosity’s membership area.

Brain Training – Speed Games

Speed Match

This is actually one of my favorite Lumosity games. You simply click on a button to select whether or not the symbol that is being shown is the same or different than the last that was shown. This is great for improving your reflex speed and reaction time.

Penguin Pursuit

Another speed game, this game is quite a mind twister, as it is based around your sense of direction. You control a penguin within a maze, and must reach the middle before your enemy penguin does, simple, except the maze keeps spinning and changing the effect the directional keys have on your movement. Great for improving your sense of direction, and visualization.

Brain Training – Memory Games

Memory Matrix

Another game I like. In this one you are shown a pattern for about a second, then you must recreate the pattern without making a mistake. The more you get correct in a row, the more difficult the game becomes. Great for remembering the location of objects. Ever lose your car keys?

Monster Garden

Simply navigate to the flower, while avoiding stepping on any monsters. It gets quite hard, and I find this one probably the most challenging game of them all. Improves overall memory, as well as object location, etc.

Brain Training – Attention Games

Lost In Migration

A group of birds is shown, and you must choose which direction the middle bird is facing, using the arrow keys on your keyboard. This game is great for avoiding distraction, building focus (say you have a challenging work project) and overall concentration.

Top Chimp

A pretty difficult game I find. You are very quickly shown a bunch of numbers in different positions. You must then choose each number in ascending order. Great for increasing your peripheral vision, and helps with activities like sports.

Brain Training – Flexibility Games

Brain Shift

Quick changes in pattern occur, and you must guess when. Great game for increasing your ability to switch focus, and also to multitask.

Word Bubbles

I LOVE this one! Pretty simple, but basically it shows you 3 beginning letters, and you must find as many correct word endings for the letter combination as possible. Great for decreasing those “on the tip of my tongue” moments, and learning to think outside the box.

Brain Training – Problem Solving

Rain Drops

Drops of rain fall slowly from the top, each holding simple maths equations. But watch out as the drops come faster, and in number as time goes by, while also the equations grow in difficulty. Great for your general processing ability, improving arithmatic, and increasing aptitude with numbers.

Chalk Board Challenge

2 simple maths equations are shown on the left and right of a chalkboard. You must quickly work out which one’s answer is higher in number, or if they are equal, and use the arrow keys to make your choices. Great for comparing values and making more accurate estimations.

These are just some of the great Lumosity games that are available. They are also constantly adding new games to their collection throughout the different brain training categories. Some of my favorite Lumosity games are Word Bubbles, Speed Match, and Bird Watching (not shown above). Because there is a good amount of variation in each category of Lumosity’s training, you won’t find yourself getting sick of the games that are given to you as part of your daily training. Most likely, you will have favorites like I do. For the most part, there are really no games in the members area that I would say I dislike. Some are just more fun than others : )

3 thoughts on “Lumosity Games

  1. J Paul Jones

    Are all games offered on “Droid” or other Mobile devices? I am aware that they are offered on the “ipod”.

  2. Steven Deutsch

    Are you working on any games that helps your brain or mind to improve your reading comprehension? Especially games where sentences aren’t writtin very clearly and therefore can be tricky to interpret.

    How about a game where by the amount to read is short and then is made longer. At the end of every paragraph or maybe passage you present questions designed to measure your retention of the written material. Then you do present another passage that is longer and then you answer questions again. After a while you make the written material more difficult to understand by increasing the level of the reading material and then present questions that you must answer to measure your reading retention … and so on, and so on?

  3. Laura Stoudt

    I purchased Lumosity on June 16th through PayPal. I was welcomed by the name of a person who played a free game on my computer. “Welcome Xavier”
    the (lgstoudt) followed. I contacted PayPal who suggested I speak with you before cancelling. The phone number they gave me was not a working number. They had good things to say about you and I love your games and ideas. This teen has access through Wi-Fi to my system ( I loaned him my laptop) yet I am the one that needs the brain games. How can I make this my game with my password?…and where is it?


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