Is Lumosity a Scam?

As with many things on the Internet, it is important to make sure that something you are thinking about signing up to, or buying, is not a scam. This is of course the case with as well, so here I am going to talk about whether or not Lumosity is a scam.

While without saying no, obviously Lumosity is not a scam because I have been a member for the last two years, I will give you some details into the background of Lumosity and why I think it is a very legitimate company and service. Lumosity is run by Lumos Labs. Lumos Labs is a cognitive neuroscience research and development company. The company employs qualified and trained neuroscientists to carry out research, which is then used to build the games that make up the Lumosity membership for brain training.

Lumosity has been around for quite sometime, since 2005. During that time the company has built up slowly and received a number of investments from various funding sources in order to grow to the large number of members that it currently claims to hold, which is apparently over 10 million (as of December, 2010) .

Apart from the reasons why I think Lumosity is not a scam as given above, as I said, I have been a member for over two years now, and I have found their website and membership to be extremely high quality. Also their support is great, if you have any questions or doubts, then their support team will usually get back to you with in a day or two.

If you are interested in taking a risk free look for yourself, click here.

29 thoughts on “Is Lumosity a Scam?

  1. rterter

    that was a test to see if anyone else can post on here. i wish there was a way to just know whether or not an organization is behind a web site like this to increase their profits…

    1. admin Post author

      Hi there,

      My name is Nick, I am the owner of this website. I am a real person, just like you, and not an “organization”. I am a small business owner based in the UK. I own a few websites that make a small amount of money. I setup this website, as I was/am really passionate about brain improvement, and personal development as a whole. The voice in the video that can be seen here : is my voice.

      All the information on this website is based on my honest feelings and opinions of the Lumosity product.

      Please feel free to ask any questions, or issue any concerns.

      I am happy to help.



      1. Robin

        Hello Nick, Ok, so i do a short profile and try to set up a user name and password. I CANNOT believe the names i picked out were used! Even when i added a number after it. I mean i tried like 8 or 9 different names and it would always replied it’s used already. Is that really possible? I got so frustrated and so i went off the site. oh well. You can reply to my email if you want. I’m a real person too! :)

        1. Nick Post author

          Hi there,

          Well that is pretty amazing, but having said that, they did have like 10 Million members like a year ago now, so I guess it’s possible.

          I wouldn’t let that stop you signing up as a free member at any rate, because it is a great program.

          Good luck,


          1. DIANE

            Having said “THEY did have like 10 Million members like a year ago now,…” – I DON’T BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE OWNER OF LUMOSITY.COM! PROVE IT…

      2. Sonya Miller

        Nick, I signed up and gave my credit card #s, etc. yesterday and today I cannot use the system. It just keeps rotating me back to the testing and to input my cc again. I went off and re-entered thru a different web site. What is the problem? Do I need to cancel my cc payment to you?

  2. Ryan

    Hi, i am highly considering in purchasing lumosity, either the lifetime deal or 2 year deal. But i need to know if it will be a great investment or a great mistake. I’m looking to improve mostly my left brain since I know I favor my right side. I have already tried the free trial, and is pretty excited for the program but I am a little suspicious if people actaully improve from this, or if your track keeping records are a bunch of BS.


  3. George Morrison

    Hi Nick,
    Just read your review of Luminosity. We have devised some word games for people like you and us who are interested in “brain improvement. My wo brothers and I are respctively 73, 76 and 89 years old. Why not look at our games on our web site. If you fancy a game just let us know through our contact email and we will set up an interactive game. We are thinking of offering it to Luminosity.
    Best wishes
    George Morrison.

  4. summer

    is there like an official site (news or otherwise) that can confirm the legitimacy?
    any site that is related to the product can easily say whatever it wants. i’m just curious because if the site is legitimate i would be very interested.

  5. Elaine Lane

    Lumosity charges your credit card without authorization. After my trial membership Lumosity assumed they could charge me full price for a second year without my approval. I have tried to reach someone about it but only meet with dead ends. A the very least this is a poor business practice and I feel is very unscrupulous. I am tellling all my friends to beware.

    1. admin Post author

      Elaine, this is taken from Lumosity’s website here:

      (about 1/3 of the way down the page – just before the sub-title “ACCESS TO THE SERVICES”

      From time to time, we may offer a free trial membership or other promotions. If you accept a free trial membership or a promotion, we will begin to bill your credit card at the conclusion of the free trial or according to the terms and conditions outlined in the promotion. If you do not wish to be charged, you should cancel your Account(s) prior to the end of the trial period or in accordance with the applicable promotion rules.

      This is just like any other free trial really, if you sign up using your CC for the trial, you’ll need to be aware of the end date, and make sure you cancel, otherwise they will bill you. That being said, I understand where you are coming from, it can be annoying when this happens. I would say they would have no problem refunding your money, if you contact them soon after this happened. Lumosity is definitely not trying to rip people off, or doing anything malicious, It’s pretty standing online billing/free trial procedure.

    2. Anne Rault

      I paid the initial yearly fee through PayPal. They contacted me to let me know that I was signed up for ongoing annual payments and I was able to easily change that. I don’t remember how (maybe I should be doing more of the Memory games on Lumosity??) but it was no big drama. I have recently been receiving notifications from Lumosity saying that I needed to pay my subscription and giving me the four options. Despite the fact that I don’t do it as regularly as I should, I am planning on joining up for two years. I don’t see how any company in this day and age can offer a life-time membership. It just doesn’t wash but the rate for two years is appealing – $4.99 a month, payable in advance for two years.

      1. Lisa

        I have to agree with the responder, Anne Rault here. Buyer beware. Read the fine print. This IS SOP for thousands of free online trial offers. I’ve never had a problem with a company refusing to refund me if my effort to cancel doesn’t work. And you can always contact your CC company and dispute the charge.

  6. Josh

    My question is how do I know the improvement you actually make through these brain workouts are simply reflective of your regular learning curve? I mean as you get used to the format of the workouts, your brain gets accustomed to the workouts here. How do you know your supposed enhanced speed, memory, and problem-solving is also reflected in daily life, say for school or work?

    Just playing a little devil’s advocate here.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Josh,

      I totally understand your wanting to “play devil’s advocate” here :)

      I was the same when I was looking into the scientific validity behind how and why Lumosity works. And whether or not it was all just rubbish, and the improvements were just because of improved skill in playing the games, as you mention.

      The games designed and built into the Lumosity membership are based on actual Neuroscientific research, in terms of what games actually have an affect on brain functioning and performance.

      As an example to prove my point, the “N-back” game, which has been used as the basis for a couple of games in Lumosity (one of them is the “Memory Match” game – which is just one of their Memory improvement games)

      You can research yourself regarding the scientific research about the positive affect of the N-back game on working memory (which happens to be one of the most crucial functions of the brain)

      Here are a couple of good places to start:

      and good old wikipedia (though obviously not the be all and end all of any proper research)

      Hope that helps :)



    2. Welly

      Hi Josh,

      I’m Welly. I’m from Indonesia, and I’ve subsribed in Lumosity in almost 1 year as a member. I’m not paid by Lumosity to say this but I really believe that the workouts are meant for our school / work activities.

      As our brain being accustomed to the workouts in Lumosity, they will also affect our daily life. Just like driving a car, we can adapt easier to new tipe of cars (manual gears/automatic) if we have already learn to drive before.

      Same with singing, I’m sure people will learn a new song faster if they have already practice in a routine basis to learn new songs, for example: choir.

      As for me, I work as an employee, working mostly on paper works and meetings. Practices from Lumosity such as memory, problem solving, etc simply “guide” my brain to work faster when I want to remember things and solve faster.

      Also, I believe that Lumosity will always develop their new games. So there will be new challenges.

      1 more thing, Lumosity is definitely not the only place to enhance our brain. Lots of stuff to do, one of them is by going back to college and solve some mathematics problems.

      It’s just like going to a gym. You can see “poor” people who can’t afford to go to gym but they still can have athletic bodies due to their daily job.
      You can also increase your brain capacity without Lumosity by doing other stuffs. But if you, like me, want a simple place online, then I would suggest Lumosity ^^

  7. Joan Braunstein

    After two years using Lumosity, I have bought the lifetime membership. I don’t know if my IQ has risen in the past two years or if I’ve actually improved mentally. All I know is that playing daily keeps my mind active and happy, and that’s well worth the money.

  8. adighibenmaesea

    you’re a scam. i have membership with lumosity. now when i try to login, i get all sorts of funny messages that do not allow me to open to your so called brain exercises. i am sure by now you’ve finished my subscription amount and looking for another victim. never mind hell awaits you.

  9. Vilma Montenegro

    All of the above are good coments and that make me think Lumosity paid them to say good things but my experience is a bad one I bought it for two years I was never able to use because they did not let me in unless it was in Spanish I wrote to them four times never heard from them so I lost my money.
    So if you see good coments dont pay attencion>

  10. mim

    Hello I have just started playing luminosity ,I love the challenges ,I work in a nursing home for dementia and alzheimers and believe me I will do any thing to improve my memory I already forget easily and its frustrating so I thought why not give it a go

  11. Carol

    I have been trying for over half an hour to see if I signed up for auto renew. I
    I have tried all the suggestions but can’t find an answer. I want to continue the year but DONTwant Automatic renewal
    Please let me know for sure. Thanks

  12. Volleybob

    I bought the 1 year ‘Family Plan’. My only regret is, after gifting 4 subscriptions to my family, that I had to leave out others who wanted to try a challenging experience other than matching colors or smashing food products. I train with Lumosity on both my PC and my Android device and usually continue beyond the 5 recommended games. Of course I’ve got my favorite games too and Lumosity allows me to ‘continue training’ beyond their daily choices. Never a regret from me or my family….after 9 months.


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