Lumosity is a brain training system that has been around now for over five years. It was first developed in the year 2005, and since then has been growing steadily over the years into what is now known as probably one of the most popular and beneficial mind training systems available online. The company, Lumos Labs, creates highly powerful cognitive training systems via simple mind games, such as the popular memory game face match. Part of the reason the lumosity system is much more popular and effective than other brain training game systems, is the fact that it is developed with the help of qualified neuroscientists. This allows for users to get the maximum benefit out of playing their brain games, because they know that they have been thoroughly researched and proven to improve cognitive functions.

There are three main reasons why lumosity is considered the number one resource for brain training. Those reasons are the following. Lumosity, as mentioned, is developed in collaboration with top neuroscientists that actually have studied how the brain functions and how it grows to learn new things, and in the process improves its cognitive performance. The second reason in brief, is that basically lumosity’s brain training games are good fun, and they keep you motivated to keep up with your daily training.

No one wants to play boring games everyday, and lumosity have found a way to get around this by making their games exciting, quick and fun. Not only are their games fun, but they have also been highly imaginative when it comes to thinking up ideas for new games. There is a large variety of different types of games, covering the different types of cognitive functions that one may be trying to improve. Lumosity is always adding new games aswell, so you never run out of different games to try.

Probably the most important features of lumosity, which makes it one of the top brain training systems available, is the fact that everything that you do, every time that you play within the lumosity membership is tracked. What I mean by this, is that you can go into a special section within the lumosity site, and see how you have been performing for any given amount of time. You can see how you have improved in memory, cognitive speed, and more. And all this is shown in an easy to understand graphical representation. You can track just about every single game and cognitive improvement that you have ever made within lumosity.

So to get started with lumosity today for a free trial simply click on this link.

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